A new lifestyle merging the worlds of hotel hospitality and the warmth of a home, Famitel Living enriches your life. In a spacious 2-bedroom suite of over 600 square feet, you can also indulge yourself in a suite of hotel-grade facilities and clubhouse services. Why settle for less when you can have more?

Live more with Famitel Living
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Recharge yourself from the hustle and bustle of the city with a space not only lies within the home, but also your life and your soul.

Enjoy more space with Famitel Living
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Our clubhouse provides you with the essence of a well-balanced life. The gym is equipped with what you need to stay active and fit. To add to that, there are entertainment rooms, kids' play areas and most importantly an outdoor swimming pool.

Moreover, there are free Wi-Fi services and over 50 channels of television programs inside the suites that keep the kids entertained while you work from home

Relax inside out with Famitel Living
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We understand your needs for flexibility, particularly in nowadays' pace of life and way of life. You can stay with us not only for a good time, but also for the length of stay of your choice. We offer flexible terms that cater to your needs.

Flex and stretch with Famitel Living

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Values can be added by doing more, but can also be achieved by asking for less.

We ask for no deposits nor commissions. There's no need to bring along your own furniture and appliances, because we have got those covered. Utilities, Wi-Fi and 24-hour security? We have them ready for you.

We'll also connect you to the city with our point-to-point shuttle bus service that adds convenience to your busy life.

Famitel Living adds values to your life
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