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RSVP/ Appointment is not required. Our show suites are opened from 12:00nn to 6:00pm daily.
No commission fee is required.
Guests must provide passport or HKID card together with Hong Kong corresponding address proof for issuing the license agreement. The booking will be confirmed by signing the license agreement in person at the hotel.
Guests only need to pay license fee for the first month upon signing the license agreement.
Maximum number of registered guests will be 2 persons for a 1-bedroom suite, 3 persons for a 2-bedroom suite, and 4 persons for a 3-bedroom suite.
The luxury hotel clubhouse facilities include outdoor swimming pools, fitness centres, playgrounds, and landscaped park. Guests can also enjoy regular shuttle bus services to nearby transportation hub and connections.
No pets are allowed in the suites.
There are monthly / hourly parking spaces in Harbourfront Horizon Suites, Harbourview Horizon Suites & Horizon Suites.
Our hotel suites are fully furnished with electrical appliances such as individual air-conditioners, LCD TV, double-door refrigerator, microwave oven, double-top induction stove, washers and dryers.
Guests can check-in the suite at or after 12:00 noon on the first day of the staying period and check-out on or before 12:00 noon on the end date.