Harbourfront Horizon Suites, Harbourview Horizon Suites, Horizon Suites and Apex Horizon Suites are operated by Horizon Hotels & Suites Limited, catering to world travellers, cosmopolitan couples and families by providing flexible long-term accommodation with no security deposits required. All suites are fully furnished with pantries - in a range of sizes and layouts from approximately 600 sq.ft. Each suite is fitted with individual air-conditioners and large, openable windows for letting in fresh air.

Famitel Living blends the coziness of home with the comfort of a hotel. With premium hotel facilities and services at your doorstep, every day feels like a holiday.
Spacious Layout,
Full Facilities
Family Home Environment
All of our 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom suites - available in a range of sizes and layouts from approximately 600 sq.ft. - are tastefully styled and furnished to create a cozy and welcoming family ambience.
Fully Furnished,
Move In Anytime
Our fully furnished suites come equipped with essential personal amenities. Each pantry features a double-door refrigerator, double-top induction stove, microwave oven, washer and dryer, so guests can enjoy the pleasure of cooking at home. No hassles - move in anytime.
Openable Windows
Famitel Living suites are fitted with large windows that can be opened letting in fresh air throughout your suite.
Individual Air-conditioning Units
Unlike most hotels with central air-conditioning systems, Famitel Living offers individual air-conditioning units for the ideal climate at all times.
Superb Clubhouse Facilities
Make the most of luxury hotel-grade clubhouse facilities including a swimming pool, fitness centre and kids' paradise. Work out or just relax, without leaving home!
Free Wi-Fi Service
All Famitel Living guests can take advantage of the complimentary Wi-Fi service. Stay connected with internet access.
50+ TV Channels
Famitel Living provides complimentary access to 50+ TV channels for hotel guests.

Luxurious Lobby Design
Our luxuriously designed hotel-style lobby greets you with a warm welcome - making it feel just like home.
Professional Security
24-hour patrols and a professional security team provide extra safety and peace of mind for all hotel guests.
Shuttle Bus Services
Guests can enjoy shuttle bus services between the hotels and MTR stations, as well as city hotspots.
Maintenance Service
Professional hotel-standard maintenance crew ensures flawlessly reliable service and amenities.
Flexible Terms
Choose the length of stay that suits you best.
Normally, rental units require a substantial 2-month deposit plus a 1-month advance rental payment.

Famitel Living makes life easy with no security deposits and no hassles - giving you extra flexibility to achieve your financial goals.